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“The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live."
- Albert Hadley
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Kelly J. Wilson
Owner + Designer
Kelly is a designer whose enthusiasm for a new project is evident from the moment you meet her. Her favorite thing to do is to walk into a job, identify the design opportunities, and come up with creative solutions. Kelly approaches each job as a collaboration between client, designer and craftsman. Her style is honoring the habits and preferences of those who will occupy the space. Whether it be an entire home renovation or a simple update to window coverings, she will impart her sense of design and technical expertise. 

Kelly received her BS in Interior Design from Kansas State University. Her work has encompassed projects in the Midwest, Arizona and California. 
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Niels Wilson
Owner + Installations
Niels is Kelly J. Wilson Design’s window covering installation expert, all-around logistics and tech guy. Besides fixing and moving things here and there, Niels helps realize the technical part for most any coverings design Kelly dreams up. Kelly always assures her clients, “That won’t be too hard”, and that’s because Niels is the one installing it!
Niels and Kelly met at Kansas State University. They began their married life in California where he was a geologist and she was a designer. Upon returning to Kansas to raise their daughters, they decided to put their talents together and KJWD was born.

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